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Name: Jessica 
Nickname: Berry, Bezza, Doctor, Jess, Oh My God You’re So Annoying
Birthday: 3rd March
Gender: Fe-ma-le
Sexuality:  who fucking knows at this point
Height: 5’ 9” ish….
Time Zone: British Summer Time
What time and date is it there: 11:43am 1st September
Average hours of sleep I get each night: Not enough these days
OTPs: The trifecta of Heartache, Johnlock, Cherik and Destiel (but Kharthur too because SHUT UP)
The last thing I Googled was: Cardcaptor Sakura merch… cough
First word that comes to mind: Tree
What I last said to a family member: You’re adorable (brother was talking about how he didn’t want his new kitten to go outside because it would get into fights and thats illegal… bless)
One place that makes me happy and why: The beach in my hometown. especially when its not summer weather so it’s empty and windy and its so zen. 
How many blankets I sleep under: 3 (as of last night… its starting to get cold) 
Favorite beverage: Coffee, strong and sweet, like my men. 
The last movie I watched in the cinema was: OOGA CHAKA INTENSIFIES (Guardians of the Galaxy…)
Three things I can’t live without: food, sleep and a sense of humour
A piece of advice for all my followers: Do no harm but take no shit. 
You have to listen to this song: Run Boy Run by Woodkid (watch the music video while you’re at it) 
My blog(s): this one and my porn blog where I just reblog a whole bunch of stuff I dare not reblog here.

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I got tagged by ohteepeeh and wurmstache and since I do love these things lets say we give it a whirl!

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and write down the first 10 songs that come up. Then tag 10 people! Don’t skip any songs!

1. Love of the Loveless - The Eels

2. I’ll Fly Away - O, Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack

3. Memories of Sherlock - Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Soundtrack

4. Health and Safety - Skyfall Soundtrack

5. Still Dead - American Beauty Soundtrack 

6. Short Change Hero - The Heavy

7. I See The Light - Tangled Soundtrack

8. Earth - Assassin’s Creed 2 Soundtrack 

9. You Don’t Know - Reel Big Fish

10. I Got A Name - Jim Croce 

I have a lot of bloody soundtracks… ANYWAY I tag brisaserena, slowlymetamorphing, randompandemonium, lovehlove, ohteepeeh, scarlettfey, profilerchic, williamsherlockscottlovesjohn, viavulpis, enerjax

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From the horse’s mouth, so to speak…


“We like BIG movies,” Downey says of Team Downey, which he runs with producer wife Susan (Levin) Downey. “We are working on a Sherlock Holmes 3,” he says, without providing details. 

(From RDJ’s interview published in the Toronto Sun, August 27, 2014)

Lots of other good news in the interview, too, but that was what we focused on!



hades and persephone at the beach uwu

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I need infinitely more stories containing bisexual characters figuring out that they’re bisexual. Having that would have made my life much easier when I was figuring it out because that shit is confusing!

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markiplier asks the best questions (x)

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Photos of my hobbit costume :P we were very busy that day, didn’t have much time to get any pics at all XD but hey that’s what it looked like basically! At least I’ve fixed the wig hehe




I wasn’t able to draw at the time the Pacific Rim sequel was announced, so to compensate, I animated all the drift compatibles dancing horribly in celebration of the upcOMING ANIMATED SERIES 8V


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Guardians of the Galaxy was such a fantastic movie!”


"There were a lot of issues with GotG that should be addressed and Marvel should work on improving with future movies."


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A Swedish woman hitting a neo-Nazi protester with her handbag. The woman was reportedly a concentration camp survivor. [1985]

Volunteers learn how to fight fires at Pearl Harbor [c. 1941 - 1945]

A 106-year old Armenian woman protecting her home with an AK-47. [1990]

Komako Kimura, a prominent Japanese suffragist at a march in New York. [October 23, 1917]

Erika, a 15-year-old Hungarian fighter who fought for freedom against the Soviet Union. [October 1956]

Sarla Thakral, 21 years old, the first Indian woman to earn a pilot license. [1936]

Voting activist Annie Lumpkins at the Little Rock city jail. [1961]  

(freakin’ immaculate)

Source with more wonderful photos

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Classic Hollywood Bloopers

And the greatest Hollywood blooper of all time: